Q  |  Do I need to have a professional video done?

Not at all! We prefer you use your smart phone, or you can record your voice over slides and upload as a movie file.  The content is the most important thing!

Q  |  Do I need to have a script memorized?

No. You may read from a script if that is more comfortable, or you can improvise. 

Q  |  Will my video submission be public?

Once your Proposal is submitted, your "Overview Video" will be public. Only judges will be able to view the additional supporting videos (Why/How/What/Impact). All "Flash Idea" videos are open to the public.

Q  |  Can I use slides for my video instead of a moving image?

Yes. You can upload audio or video in multiple formats for each of the five videos in your submission (Overview/Why/How/What/Impact). To use a slideshow instead of a moving image, you can record a voice narration over your slide presentation in Powerpoint (you will need to export it as a movie-see instructions here (Windows) or here (iOS)). The most basic option is to record your voice on your phone and upload the audio file and a slide to accompany it.  

Q  |  How long are the videos?

The videos should be less than 5 minutes each; on average, 1-2 minutes is good.

Q  |  Do I have to do submit all the requested material?

The five videos and written summary are required. Supporting material is optional. (See How to Enter).

Q  |  How can my team increase our odds of being selected?

Teams with well thought out submissions and at least one commited faculty advisor stand the best chance of being selected for Hyundai Visionary Challenge Awards.

Q  |  If my team is submitting a proposal, does only one person register and submit?

You and each of your team members need to register individually. Only one person needs to submit the proposal. When you submit, you will see an option to add other submitters to the proposal (click the "add submitter" button on the left hand side of the submission screen).

Q  |  May I be part of more than one team?

Yes. We encourage the creative thinking that comes from teams.

Q  |  May I (or my team) submit more than one idea?

Yes. We look forward to seeing many innovative ideas!

Q  |  I am a faculty member. Do I need to approve submissions that I am advising?

We do not require faculty approval, although an indication of your support for the submission will help its success.

Q  |  Are “Flash Ideas” eligible for awards?

No, Flash Ideas are not eligible for awards. The purpose of the Flash Idea is to share new or emerging ideas with your colleagues in the HVC and get their feedback or find teammates or a faculty mentor to help you develop the idea into a proposal.

Q  |  What if my question is not answered here?

You can email us through the "contact" option at the bottom of the page.